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“Playoffs are not a goal...Playoffs are an expectation.”


Thank You for considering what you can do to help make this the very best program for our kids, our school and our community.  As you can see there are many ways to volunteer and if everyone does a little, nobody has to do a lot on their own.  Please review the options below and then click the "Click Here to Volunteer" Button or contact Olivia Devin or another member of our Booster Club .

Please note that we have IMMEDIATE needs from Freshmen parents to help with the Concessions at Fall Ball.  Click this link to sign up.  Fall Ball Volunteer Sign Up

Volunteer Opportunities Include


Announcer’s Assistant

*Banquet Chair & Committee

Bookkeepers & Clock keepers for JV, and both Fr teams, not needed for Varsity

CAVLounge -new! Pledged to collect/donate wish list items monthly @Cavlounge

Cavs In Service Coordinator

**Concessions: Coordinator & Buyer -2 people; Fall League, Holiday Tournament, & Home Games

LADY CAVS DADS -new! We need more DADs volunteering too !

Decorations Committees -gyms, locker rooms, entrances, hospitality room when used;

Door Prizes Coordinator: works with Gift Cards Coordinator 7 special nites & Banquet

**Fundraising Chair & Committee: raise $ $ $

Game Day Prep : Home & Away -2 people min.

Gift Cards Coordinator: $25 min. donated for Home games door prizes, & 7 special nites

**Homecoming Parade Chair & Committee (HoCo Extravaganza -allows us 1 table, not counted as a fundraiser!)

**Holiday Tournament Chair & Committees

Hospitality Room Chair & Committee -limited events-Holiday Tourn, TA & Senior Nights;

Lady Cavs Lunch Chair & Committee (pot-luck & booster mtg)

**Membership Chair & Committee

**Merchandising Chair & Committee

Picture Days Coordinators -2 people (Photo Tx Photo)

*Printing of Programs/Publications/Media Chair & Committee

Project Graduation 2019 Coordinator

Scholarship Fund Chair, No Committee

**Sponsorship /Ads Chair & Committee: sell sell sell

*Start-time & Half-time Showtime Coordinator-recruits our national anthem singers, entertainment

Tax Free Days -pick 2 dates

*Team Dinners -a returning tradition!  Mostly for Varsity -invites must include all players & managers

*Team Parents -need 1 per team, 4 at minimum!


(* = MUST HAVES, ** = must haves & money /budget involved)

Volunteer Descriptions: (*obligations that can not be skipped)

Announcer -Enthusiastically starts off all HOME games with a welcome, announces standing for National Anthem, plays a recording of it or introduces singer, introduces both Varsity teams, coaches, refs, any special guests, start/half-time shows, door prizes, other announcements as needed…. Sets the tone for a winning night!

Announcer’s Assistant -helps Announcer with the Table-ads & sponsors, selects music during warm-ups, time- outs, half-times, end of games, -sets the tone for a fun night !  

*Banquet Chair & Committee; pending FRIDAY MARCH 8, 2019,  before Spring Break

*Bookkeepers and Clock keepers for JV, Freshmen Red and Freshmen

Black teams (not needed for Varsity);

*Booster Club Executive Board (Officers) - President, Vice President Secretary, Treasurer; Ideally serves 2 years, for continuity, but not required.

(1 Term is Aug - Aug each year, except in senior year which is Aug-May.)

Cavs In Service; finding and communicating service opportunities all year

*Concessions -Coordinator & Buyer; buyer works with boys bb concessions;

Decorations: Gyms, locker rooms, entrances, etc for Home games & special nights;

Door Prizes : recruit/collect donated items all year for home-game door prizes; figure out how to give out the tickets when they pay for entry at the door, for our drawing during Varsity halftime, “must be present to win”, write up prize descriptions for announcer to promote at start of game & during timeouts, & just before calling out #s.

Fundraising: we are allowed only 2 per year -collect suggestions & execute plans


Home Games: Set up /Tear down our 2 street banners on Home days by 8:am; puts out reserved parking cones by 5:00pm; picks up cones after varsity game; Set out /put up our main gym score tables by 5:00; be sure all are plugged in; get mic ready and plenty of batteries, decorates the stands, picks out /plays the music for warm up, during game down times, etc...

Away Games: picks up /delivers meals before departure; help coaches as needed;

HoCo Parade & Floats : WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 3, 2018 from 5pm -8pm;

Our Chair Persons:  Nicole & Shane Jochum njochum79@gmail.com shane.jochum@gmail.com  3 floats by “Austin Boats & Motors” again!

Booster Club Committee: we need at least 6 more adults (2 adults/team), minimum;

HOCO Parade Committee: homecoming@lthspto.org, Jan Mooreland

*Holiday Tournament Chair and Committee; Thurs  Dec 27 -Sat Dec 29; work closely with Coach Bussinger on details, planning & execution of event.

*Hospitality Room Chair & Committee for LT Holiday Tournament Dec 27-29, Teacher Appreciation Night Tue Jan 8, & Senior Night Fri Feb 1 -anyone can help, Senior nite is usually planned by ALL seniors’ moms & at least 1 sub-varsity parent from the Board.  

*Memberships:  renewed annually August - December; create/communicate membership packages -work with vendors (Stokes Signs, Villa Prints t-shirts, etc.)  

*Merchandising: seasonal & works with membership-chairperson to create/communicate merch with membership; works with coaches for playoff games; (Stokes Signs, Villa Prints, local vendors)

*Pictures: October 17 - October 26 arrange for “Photo TX Photo” (contracted by school) for all teams & individuals, 

booster club for Seniors & Varsity Individuals & Banners -may be unable to do individuals due to new wall wrap!  

Pot-Luck Lunch;  Saturday October 27, 2018 11:30 -1:30, after the scrimmage vs. Wimberly; all 4 teams start at 10:00am. Lunch will be set up in Cafeteria, served by 12, First official Booster meeting as we eat.

Programs /Publications: by Nov 2 first district game: create, edit, distribute hard-copies of our “Program” featuring ads, sponsorships, players, coaches, calendars, opponents info, pictures, etc... Also Tournament(s) Program by 12/27, & Banquet Program by Mar 8, 2019.

*Project Graduation 2019 : reps booster club at PG meetings & communicates news to us; annual donation from Booster to PG 2019 for each senior in bball, usually $25/senior.  Students MUST be registered to participate.

PG Contact for Booster Clubs: Susan Thompson @rickandsusan@austin.rr.com;

PG Chairpersons: Shaeli Walton @ waltons4@sbcglobal.net or Amy Springer @ amybspringer@gmail.com

Start-time & Half-time Showtime: Coordinate groups or individuals to sing the national anthem, or play games, entertain before tip-off, and/or during the half.  

*Scholarship: The Lady Cavs “Fighting Heart Memorial Scholarship Award Presented in memory of Annick Morris”, as selected by the coaches annually.

Our dear former Lady Cavs student-athlete, Annick Morris, passed away unexpectedly in 2016.  Annick was a starting varsity player all 4 years at LTHS, a stand-out student athlete on and off of the court, and embodied all of the high quality characteristics a Lady Cav should strive to be.  

Selection will be made by the coaching staff based on the six character traits, that not only Annick exemplified, but that are the hallmark of the Lady Cavs basketball program.  These traits are: determination, dedication, commitment, resoluteness, resilience, and courageousness.  In addition, the coaching staff will consider those applicants who demonstrate a commitment to high academic ideals and involvement in community service.

This Scholarship fund was set up in Annick’s honor and memory, in 2016 by then coach Hinson, the booster club and her family.  The details can be reviewed in the meeting minutes and scholarship details. Recipients names and year will be placed on the plaque which hangs just outside of the locker room for all to see and be inspired.

“Once a Lady Cav, always a Lady Cav!”

*TAX-FREE days:  Our booster clubs are part of LTHS & LTISD schools systems which share tax exempt 501(c)(3) status, and as such our booster club does not pay taxes (nor tips) for goods or services for booster club use.  Accordingly, we are allowed 2 fundraisers and 2 tax free days per calendar year, so be sure to notify LTABC general treasurer (over all LT booster clubs), which 2 days are chosen for proper reconciliation. It’s a little tricky since the year starts/ends each January -verify this with Evelyn Sorrels/Adm Asst to the Athletic Director.

Team Dinners :  Traditionally a Varsity parent provides a home cooked meal at their home, after practice thru about 8:00pm (no later); to include ALL varsity players, varsity team managers, varsity team photographer.  Usually dinners are hosted on Wednesday nights, every varsity parent takes at least one turn; sign up sheets will be sent out in October after teams are formed. Sub-Varsity can also do this, but will leave it up to each team parent to get a vote/communicate this.   

4 Team Parents for V, JV, Freshmen Red and Freshmen Black teams;

Breakfast Bowls -Monday morning bowl of whole fruit to Varsity, JV, & Freshmen  

Locker-rooms;  Just did this … needs volunteers !

Birthday Clubs - All birthdays of a month are recognized on First Fridays of each month per team;      (list of names & months to be collected soon, Aug & Sept will be combined). *Just celebrated June-Sept birthdays on Fri 9/8/18...needs volunteers!

Contact Olivia Devin for the birthdays list for each team /month, who will eventually give to the Team Parent

for each respective team to use 

Big Sisters/Little Sisters - Varsity/JV pick names of Freshmen and new

teammates (any level) to exchange fun cards/candies/small gifts under $10 thru

the year. Will start this after teams are formed.

Volunteer Sign Up Page